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Cheryl aka “Cee”

Cheryl aka “Cee”, a native of Apopka, FL, has had her share of health problems over the years. Growing up in a household where health and fitness were not a priority, it soon became a lifestyle that Cee chased after in 2008 when she was diagnosed with Hypertension and because of her poor eating choices, gallstones formed and resulted in the removal of her gallbladder. The health challenges sent Cee on a lifestyle change that not only changed within her immediate family, but it also affected the mindset of her community of Orange County. In 2009, Cee & Will led a 5K in the streets of North West Orange County and gave hundreds of residents the opportunity of completing their first race experience and showered them with a wealth of knowledge that many still reflect on today.

Fitness Trainer, Founder

As the years continued, Cee morphed her mind and body into a showcase that prompted many women to ask her, “How did you lose the weight and keep it off?!” The questions lasted five years before Cee made the decision to become a Certified Coach and Lifestyle Instructor with International Sports Science Academy and joined the LA Fitness community as one of their Master Instructors in 2016. Although Cee began her community fitness journey in Orange County, she and her husband of 20 years and 16-year-old daughter now reside in Volusia County. It is here in the city of Deland that Cee & Will are leaving their footprints in the hearts of the residents of Victoria Park as their weekly Coach.

Cee’s high energetic Tone & Trim 3.Go class, in DeLand, caused such a wave, that she was left with no choice but to become a Certified Strong Nation Instructor and officially launch her fitness business with the State of Florida in 2018. 

Cee’s mission is to help all women move, feel, and live better.

Will Hagins


Founder of H2 Marketing Consultants and iCee Fitness with his wife, Cheryl Hagins. Will is a former All-Conference Football, Soccer, Track, and Varsity Basketball player in Fulda, Germany. He still loves a competitive game of anything, especially team sports. His deceptive strength, speed, and will to win continues to surprise those that he competes with, especially because of his medium stature. Will is full-time as CEO of H2 Marketing Consultants and he loves to help people build a marketing/business plan for their companies. Will also works part-time in the fitness business as a consultant, production engineer, videographer, and content developer. Will became a renewed advocate for fitness after a decade of a sedentary lifestyle led to borderline high blood pressure, a consistent overweight issue, and surviving Cancer. He finds himself very passionate about helping men over 35, especially former athletes, to get back into Total body wellness. Will became aware of the challenges men face with aging and losing their “Mojo” and through research found various paths to get back to normal.



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